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The drinking game designed to test your wit, your memory, your intelligence, and how well you handle your alcohol.  A challenging game, but extremely fun when mastered.  

This game has been around probably longer than you have!  It's been played for decades and has many different versions.  It's been given several names like Circle of Death, Ring of Fire, Categories, Kings and Thumbmaster,  just to name a few.  

Think or Drink  is the standard by which all others are measured!  It's the ONLY game that's THUMBMASTER APPROVED!  Accept no substitutes!  No lame old playing cards here.  Get some REAL cards!  Thumbmaster, Beerslut, Buzz, Topic, Questions, there ALL HERE!   AND you can have them in time for your next party... but you gotta order NOW!


Think or Drink!  The Mental Challenge Drinking Game!

Challenge your friends to a game of wits!


 What you need to play:

          One deck of  Think or Drink  playing cards.    Get the cards HERE!

          One set of  Think or Drink  Official Rules, or someone who knows them by heart (we know your out there, and we love you!)  See the rules HERE.

          Three or more adult players.  (The more the merrier!) 

          And, of course, something alcoholic to drink.  (You may want to keep a bar towel handy too!)



.....the official rules!.....

(For the latest version of the rules, Click HERE!)



There are 14 different cards, 52 in a complete deck.  Each with its own twisted way to make someone drink.  Find out what Alliteration means, and what a Ditto really is!  There's lots of fun stuff you may just have to play to learn!  But by the end of the first game, you'll be dying to play again!  Each deck comes with the official rules and a plastic jewel case.  This game is excellent for hours of party mayhem!   ...Enjoy!!



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Turning 21 this month?  Well, lucky you!  We'll send you a deck for free!!  That's right.  No shipping charges, no fees, no cost what-so-ever!!  Absolutely free!!  Just email a scan or photo of your drivers license (or other ID with birth date) to:  ThinkorDrink@hotmail.comYour name, birth date, and address must be legible.  This is how we verify your age and shipping address.  Offer only valid for requests received in the same month as your birthday.  While supplies last.  Offer not valid if I think your ugly or smelly, just kiddin!  However, we do reserve the right to refuse service.




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